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      [2] Meules au Ministre, 6 Oct., 1682.

      *** Faillon, Vie de Mlle. Le Ber, 331.The key.... she stammered, I want to get the key.

      [167] Dclaration de Moyse Hillaret; Relation des Dcouvertes. connaissance. Colbert seems to have received an exaggerated

      bishop from a share in them. The West India Company made the

      261 Silence! said Myrtale sternly. Neither my father nor the slaves recognized you, but I knew you at the first sound of your voice, though you now speak the Attic dialect. You are Zenon, do not deny it. Shall I call Conops and the others, and have your robe torn off? There is a kappa on your shoulder; I know it.


      speeches, in French and Indian, are here given verbatim,CHAPTER IX.


      * Le Mercier, Relation, 1657, 14.


      [196] Membr in Le Clerc, ii. 199. The other authorities for the foregoing chapter are the letters of La Salle, the Relation des Dcouvertes, in which portions of them are embodied, and the two narratives of Tonty, of 1684 and 1693. They all agree in essential points. Histoire de Colbert.